Hey, there! I’m Brittany, the writer behind Scribbles of Stewardship. I have been married seven years to an Army Veteran and, after moving around a bit, we have finally settled down in the great Midwest. I spend my days raising a toddler and tending to our home.

I started this blog after taking a writing course in the Spring of 2016 that completely spoke to my soul and helped me begin to break free from the guilt I had been carrying around for years over investing time to write when it’s not my job. Through that course, along with some other timely posts and articles I read on social media, and different podcast episodes I listened to, I have begun to understand that God delights in watching me mine my story and use words as a means of worship to Him, the one who created me with this desire to put pen to paper.

In this space, I plan to share my musings on marriage, motherhood and mental health, and the ways in which my faith is interwoven through each aspect of my story.  Sprinkled in along the way, you’ll probably also read about my passion  for cleaning and organization, pairing chocolate with peanut butter, and Gilmore Girls reruns, preferably in some glorious combination. My hope is to cultivate a space  in which I steward my craft of writing well and without guilt, to the glory of His name. Won’t you join me?